Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fun Fall Activities to get us Moving!

Need some ideas to get you motivated and moving with your kids?

Here are our favorite physical activties for the Fall:
  • Leaf hunt or nature walk
  • Pumpkin Patch or Apple Picking
  • Carve or paint pumpkins outside
  • Local Festivals or fair: walk from booth to booth, let the kids enjoy the bounce activites or petting zoos
  • Farmers Market:  pick fresh produce and take it home to cook. Talk about the importance of eating healthy.
  • Parks and/or Playgrounds: try to encourage your child to try something new such as the hanging on the monkey bars or pumping those legs on the swings.
  • Have a picnic and then play chase...once your food settles of course.  
  • Backyard BBQ with Games-Hula Hoops and Hop Scotch are favorites at our house.
  • Ride bikes or stroll the neighborhood-try to go a different route every time.
  • Walk your dog-they need exercise too!
  • If you are stuck inside? Play hide and go seek, have a pillow fight or build a fort.

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