Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Feeding the Reindeer

Our family has had a tradition of leaving food outside for Santa's reindeer ever since we were introduced to "reindeer food" in preschool.  This concoction of grains, cereals, and glitter has drawn Santa's flying fleet for years--they enjoy it so much they linger long enough to accidentally drop a bell from their tack into the area where the feed was left! 

This year our daughter's class made Reindeer Food at school.
The label reads as follows:
Sparkle, Sparkle
Make it bright
Light the way on Christmas night
Santa's sleigh will appear
With gifts and joy and Christmas cheer.

Inside this fancily painted potato chip can with googly eyes, pom pom nose, and craft stick antlers was the special blend.
Here's a closer look.
This year's mix even included some flakes of faux snow, so it is really special!
I sure hope those reindeer like it, because my daughter sure will be disappointed if she doesn't get another bell for her collection.
It's worth trying at your house...you never know what might happen!

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