Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Teacher gifts: Dos and Donts

Well, we have talked about our favorite toys to give this year, books that are must reads and then seasonal activites to do with your family to get you in the spirit of Christmas, but what we haven't talked about, are our children's wonderful teachers. Teachers work so hard to give our children the best and most positive learning environment. Some get to school before some of us even think about waking up and then there are some that are the last to leave. They work tirelessly day in and day out to prepare for our little darlings so in the spirit of giving, let's make sure we show our teachers or even caregivers how much we appreciate them. We would love to hear what your favorite teacher gifts are and if you are a teacher, what do you like to receive each year. We know that it is not all about the material things, but we do think that our teachers deserve to indulge or be treated with something special. To get you started, we have come up with some of our favs: make a donation to an education related cause in their honor, gift certificate to go out to eat, a handwritten note or homemade cards, personalized notepads or stationery, fun napkis, guest towels, or a beautiful journal or planner. Some of our not so favs  (we have been guilty of doing them a time or two) and these are just our opinions:  coffee mugs, things with apples on them, smelly lotions, perfumes or candles, picture frames or candy. Let us hear from you! Please!

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  1. Love your blog Amy! To honor our children's teachers, we give to Lemonade International each year to either a student scholarship fund or teacher salaries. I give coffee giftcards throughout the year when they aren't expected which I think is fun for both of us. lemonadeinternational.org


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