Monday, November 28, 2011

The Daily 15

As we are approaching this busy holiday time of year, let's remember that it is still all about the simple things that are children need most. Not the extravagant toys, fancy clothes or shiny new bike, but simply, your time. Once again, our friends at Williamson Parent reminded us of this so we thought we would share it with you. It is your daily 15...15 things to do on a regular basis with your children.
1. Take a walk together
2. Cuddle on the sofa
3. Say "I love you" often
4. Read together
5. Maintain a loving bedtime ritual
6. Talk at breakfast, at the dinner table, in the car
7. Listen but don't lecture
8. Refrain from judgment
9. Have a catch
10. Give lots of hugs
11. Go on one-on-one dates or outings
12. Cook together
13. Volunteer together
14. Get down on the floor and play, work a puzzle or play a game
*15. Tell them about you and let them know you are not perfect!

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