Thursday, November 17, 2011

Let's Get Messy!

Does your child immediately gravitate to the first mud puddle they see and make the biggest splash? Or if you have a mobile 1 year old that likes to dump the dog’s water bowl all over the nice clean floor or fling their food at you during dinner time? Oh yes! I am sure we have all been there and done that. So when you are just about to lose it, remember they are learning.  I recently read an article that said kids learn to understand the world from what they see, touch and taste.  So when they are playing with their food, they are discovering different textures. Then, when they are splashing through mud puddles or splashing water all over the walls in your bathroom, they are learning cause and effect. So why not join in! Let them experiment with the water in the bathroom. Get all different size containers for them to pour water into and different size and weight objects to discover float or sink. If they want to play with food, fill a Ziploc bag with pudding and let them squish it and for the older ones, you can practice “writing” their letters with their finger. Less mess, but fun!

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