Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Age-Appropriate Chores for Kids

Last time I was visiting my family in Florida, I stopped by one my favorite stores, Joseph's Cottage, to shop for a couple of birthday gifts. As I am purusing the store, trying to focus on the task at hand, I come across this book, with this hilarious title...Life's Too Short To Fold Fitted Sheets, Your Ultimate Guide to Domestic Liberation by Lisa Quinn. Oh yeah, I am getting that! So I pick up one for me, and two more for the birthday friends. Birthday pressies done and a little something special for me too. That was easy!
Inside this lovely book, there are so many quick tricks... from being the best hostess, planning kids' parties to organizing your home, without all the fuss and unnecessary frills! So this book is my domestic Bible now.

I am all about simple and Lisa Quinn further justified that. The sassy author has so many great tips on organizing your home, which is where I got a little of my inspiration to talk more about the subject and how to include your kids.

Lisa Quinn has a list  of age-appropriate chores for kids in the book, that I wanted to share with you as welll as a few of my own.

2-3 years old
Pick-up toys and clothes
Feed pets
Put away some groceries
Help make beds
Help set the table
Take plate to sink when done with meal

4-6 year old
Water plants
Help sweep and mop
Unload the dryer
Fold washcloths and hand towels
Help set the table and clear off the table
Help with dinner preparations
Empy dishwasher (what is within reach)

7-10 years old
Prepare for school (brush teeth, comb hair, get dressed, make cereal)
Make her own lunch
Make his own bed and change sheets
Mop, sweep and vacuum
Make snack for younger siblings
Help prepare dinner, set table, etc.

11-15 years old
Mow the lawn
Take out trash
Wash the car
Clean the bathroom

16-18 years old
Face it, these kids are practically out the door. They need to be able to do everything: balance a checkbook, clean the house from top to bottom, maintain their own car, care for siblings, buy groceries, run errands...everything!

Again, chores and encouraging a sense of ownership, teamwork and responsibilty in your child, are important values to instill in your child that will hopefully continue as they get older and leave your little nest.

Along with the chore list, I have added a few chore charts/organizers that I found online to help you keep track of the chores and tasks delegated, as well as give your child a visual of positive reinforcement. I know I will be using them! :)

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