Thursday, March 1, 2012

Discipline/Behavior Management Charts

To get you started on the road to more positive parenting or shall I say, sanity savers, we have researched the Internet for some FREE and very helpful discipline/behavior management charts. You can find charts that target more specific behaviors such as not talking back to more simple charts that encourage your child to say “please” and “thank you.” So whatever the desired behavior is, you should be able to find a chart from the lists below.

If you don’t see a chart that strikes your fancy, then you can try to create one yourself. For example, I have done a dot-to-dot with my oldest daughter. I just drew out a crown and other girly things and let her connect a dot every time I caught her doing something good or whatever the behavior we were trying to improve. One week, it was being nice to her sister. The other week, it was using her manners such as “please,”  “thank you,” “yes ma’am,” etc. So it made me look for the positives instead of the negative behavior. My daughter thought it was so much fun connecting the dots and when she connected all of them, she got a small prize of what the picture was, such as a crown.

Another strategy I have done is a ticket system and this again, made me look for the positives. I also didn’t have to raise my voice and it was easy for Dad to adapt to and reinforce when he got home.  My daughter started the day with three tickets and the goal was to get more tickets. In order to get more tickets, she had to not talk back or be sassy. That was the goal one week. So every time, I caught her saying nice things or even being sweet to her sister, I would give her a ticket. We set a system up at the very beginning that if she got a certain amount of tickets, like for 6, we could go get yogurt, 9 tickets, she could pick a place to go out to dinner, 12, she could get a new book.  The key was not to get any tickets taken away. So you have to really be on top of it, but it is so worth it. Your child will be so proud when they get a ticket and feel good about themselves when they hear what they are doing right. When children are shown and taught what the behavior you expect, the more willing they are to behave and respect you.

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