Friday, March 23, 2012

Your time and Family do you balance?

As busy moms ourselves, we are constantly trying to find that balance between either work and family or our kids and a little “me time” to maintain our sanity. Some of you are probably asking yourselves right now, what is that? What is “me time? “ I don’t have time for that. I need to be there for my kids and husband.  I have things to do people!

Well, let me tell you what my “me time” is these days and I hope you Mamas will try to add some of these to your list of things to do. .. taking a nice long bath at the end of a fun or stressful day with my kids, going to dinner with friends, exercising, getting my hair done or a Pedi,  and even getting to run errands by myself.

As my Granddad always used to say, “If Mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy and if Daddy aint happy, nobody cares.” So true!

You can’t feel guilty about getting away for a little while to regroup and just take time for yourself. All week, we Mamas  are rush, rush, rush to get the kids to school, go grocery shopping, take kids to dance or soccer practice, cook dinner, do laundry and the list goes on! And you know, there is always something to do.

So what I have learned after having my girls and being at home with them, if you are so run down and feel like you have somewhat lost yourself in all the hustle and bustle of being a mom, you are not going to be the kind of “Hands on Mom” you want to be. You are going to be less patient and just plain burnt out. These days I have wished I could just take a leave of absence. Away from the meltdowns, the everyday to-do list and mommy duties.

Well, I recently took a road trip to Atlanta to go see one of my very good friends’s and meet her sweet baby girl. Even though it was just for a night, I can’t tell you how much I needed that time away from my everyday life.  Just being able to listen to what I wanted to in the car and a quiet car no less. No passing snacks around or holding my breath from all the squealing and whining that is ringing in my ear. It was absolutely wonderful! I got to catch up with my friends, have an adult conversation without any interruptions and enjoy a nice meal that doesn’t require paper placemats and worn out crayons.  

Did I already say how fabulous this time away was! I just wish I could have made it a whole weekend. And did I feel guilty about getting away? Not one second! Because once I got back, I was refreshed and ready to get back to my family.

So I hope you Mamas will try to take some “time outs” for yourself every now and then. Even if it is taking a drive by yourself and singing as loud as you can to your favorite tunes, going for a long walk or just making a Target run by yourself. It will do wonders for you and it will benefit your kids and family as well.

Remember….”If Mama aint happy, nobody is!”

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