Friday, May 18, 2012

Hands on Mom is Going Hands Free

Heather Gillum, PhD, CCC-SLP

One of my favorite words is "convergence"--the occurrence of two or more things coming together.

Like when the weather is perfect on a Saturday afternoon.

Or when my daughter comes home with a "homework pass" on an afternoon when we were over-scheduled.

And especially when I'm trying to find the answer to a question and keep finding the same answer again and again. That's so much better than getting conflicting answers.

A good friend shared the link to about a month ago, and shamefully I didn't open it for a week or so. Was she telling a different story? Arguing the point?

But a treat awaited me there when I finally clicked the link.  Rachel Macy Stafford seeks the blissful moments fully engaged with her children. A plea to PUT DOWN THE PHONE and STEP AWAY FROM THE SCREEN to sit on the floor and PLAY!  Love this blog, and I know you will too.

This week featured a summer contract made with her children.  A signed manifesto to truly live life together, with more time in the grass than at the computer.  Yes, do what must be done, but enlist the help of the kids to free up more unscheduled time.

And so, a challenge.  To go Hands Free to be more Hands On.  Sweet convergence.

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