Monday, May 7, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Heather Gillum, PhD, CCC-SLP
My daughter only has 11 more full days of school left--and that's me counting, not her!  As much as we are all ready to hang up the backpack for the summer, I am trying to relish these last few days of knowing that she is in good hands all day while I go about my daily rounds. 

There are many teacher gift opportunities throughout the year, but I tend to prefer to save the best for last.  If you can eat it or smell it it might not be to your teacher's taste.  And I've never heard a teacher wish for more items with apples on them. Here are some great teacher gift ideas that my friends and I have pulled together over the years.

Summer Fun: beach towel, insulated water bottle, pool tote

Summer Reading:  gift certificate to a local independent bookstore, subscriptions to magazines or newspapers, gift card

Monogrammables: note cards, post-its, clipboards, paper napkins and handtowels, shatterproof plastic cups such as Tervis tumblers

Donations:  books for your school library, gifts to local education-related nonprofits (library, art museum, science museum, historic sites), gifts to a cause special to your teacher

Gift cards: restaurants, nail salons, housewares shops, boutiques, specialty markets, office supply stores, gardening stores, car wash

Is she a mom?  Think gift certificates for summer fun with the family:  movie tickets, park passes, museum passes

Plants:  potted orchids, geraniums, herbs, ferns

No matter what you choose, the note that goes with it will likely be more appreciated.  And a handmade note from your child is all the better.  While you're at it, consider remembering room moms, school support staff, and enrichment teachers with notes of thanks, too.  They have all helped shape your child's school experience this year.

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