Thursday, November 1, 2012

3 Weeks until Thanksgiving-and plenty of time for new traditions

Three weeks until Thanksgiving.
(insert deep breath here, possibly accompanied by a sigh)
As parents of young children, we know that the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are the most wonderful and most busy time of the year.
So here's a thought.
It takes 21 days to make a new habit (so they say).
So, starting today, choose one thing to do every day at home with the kids.
Maybe it's reading together, sharing a cup of cocoa in the afternoon, walking the dog together, or working a puzzle. Or playing together, flipping through magazines, sharing your faith, or doing something kind for others. Or talking while you make dinner. Or creating new daily chores that will make things easier come holiday time.
If you start today it could be a habit by Thanksgiving, and that much easier to keep going through the holiday rush.
It could become an anchor of calm and routine when the kids schedules are anything but regular.
It could become that moment when you end up talking about the important stuff.
It could become what your child wants to do with you when they come home from college because it feels like home.
As moms, we are the keepers of the traditions. Not just for holidays, but everyday.
What's yours?

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