Thursday, November 8, 2012

Be thankful present!

We know as busy moms ourselves that it is so hard to always be present for your kids or husband all the while you are trying to cook, get laundry done and maybe for some of you, do your other day job.

We know that it is a constant struggle as we are trying to find that balance between life at home and outside of home of being a mom.

As moms, we think oh I should have done that better. I should have listened more or I should have hugged on my kids a little more today instead of worrying about the dirty floors or whatever to-do list we had going that day.

We as moms naturally put pressure on ourselves to volunteer for this committee or event at our kids' school. To host a clothing or jewelry trunk show for a friend. To remember every friend's birthday and sometimes even their kids'. To make every girls night or play date. This list can go on and on!

We put soooo much pressure on ourselves not only mentally but physically. No wonder we are all rushing around like crazy people and forgetting to make those gratitude lists or forgetting to just make time for ourselves so we can be there for our family more.

We need to be more thankful for who we are now, not comparing ourselves to other moms. We are who we are! We have to remember to do what is best for us, our kids and family not do what everyone expects you to do.

Parents, please embrace this time of year. Get those "gratitude jars" out and be thankful for those little moments that seem to pass us by in a flash! This year (2012) is almost over. What are you waiting for! End this year with no regrets and a huge list of what you have to be grateful for! Because...

“To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today”
- Anonymous

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